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Richard Colorado is the new breed of digital artist for He was heavily recruited from Mississippi College to take interactive app design to the next level. Richard is passionate about all areas of

corporate brand identity, web design layout and mobile app design expertise. He strives everyday to take his god given talents to deliver the best creative production for and their clients.  Richard has a huge passion for soccer, fashion, music, art, travel and has a side talent for cutting hair.




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Vice President & Executive Director of Creative Design & Branding

Jeff is the longest tenured member of the team, joining the company in October 2006. Jeff began as a graphic designer for after designing more than 500 websites. Jeff was later promoted to director of design and eventually Vice President & Executive Director of Creative Design & Branding.


Jeff is an award winning digital artist that manages all of the visual branding for and our clients. Jeff works closely with fortune 500 clients to small business and organizations on telling their story with visual imagery.


Jeff is a strategic, multi-disciplinary digital artist & creative director with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the U-S including Chik-fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings, W&W Steele, The National Guard and Shorty Skate Boards just to name a few.


Although Jeff’s skill set is vast, his greatest expertise revolves around interactive design, brand identity, content layout and print collateral. His focus is to combine his knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative production to clients and their audiences. 


On the personal side, Jeff loves chilling with his 5 year old Jax, fishing, hunting, exploring, music, cooking, tattoos, cars and has deep love for Latin Food.









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Brad McMullan is an Emmy Award Winning Journalist turned Award Winning CEO. Over the last decade, McMullan has helped build from a struggling start up, to an award-winning, multi-million dollar mobile technology giant with clients around the world.


In May of 2014, McMullan was elected to serve a four-year term on the Board of Directors of the Madison County Business League. Fellow business leaders also voted McMullan as the Executive of the Year for the Madison County Chamber of Commerce.


McMullan, who is also the founder of and, is the only CEO to win the MTA New Venture Challenge twice (2011 & 2012). The award highlights the best commercial technology company.


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