Can you talk to all of

your customers instantly?

You Can With!


Why do you need business texting?


Texting is the #1 form of communication in the United States

(4.5 billion messages sent daily)

98% of all text messages are opened (Neilsen)

90% of all marketing emails are not opened (CTIA)

34 million more active cell phones in the US than people (CTIA)

People send texts 3X more than making phone calls (CTIA) provides YOU with cutting edge technology. Our business texting customers can manage their texting, email and social media all in one location. The texting platform will also allow you to send videos and pictures!

The Difference

Why We are an award winning, debt free company with clients all over North America. Governments, Fortune 500 Companies, Sports Franchises, Churches, School Districts and Non-Profits use to send out their text messages. We are the #1 listed Business Texting Company by Google and we have been featured by NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, Gannett Publishing and Clear Channel Radio. Don’t settle for second best, go with #1! Our development team and technology partners have built a multi-million dollar platform that delivers messages at rate that’s second to none. And because we want SMS (business texting) to be successful for your business, we will manage your account.

Other business texting features include:

  • Two-way texting (interacting with your clients is easy with bfac)

  • Drip texting (messages will go out to subscribers based on the time they opted in).

  • Text to screen (instant feedback for speakers or CEOs during a presentations or events).

  • Enhanced appointment reminders (great for medical offices, automotive centers & salons)

  • Virtual loyalty card (keeps track of individual points and rewards).

  • Voice texts (record your own message and send it)

  • Social Media Integration (send a text and have it post on facebook & twitter automatically)

Have questions? We are here to help! It’s our goal to earn your business and keep you as a customer for life. Feel free to call us at 405-635-5651 or email us at [email protected]